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Preliminary Proceedings
of the Main Session

Alexander Gelbukh, Sergio Suárez, Hiram Calvo (Eds.)

Papers included below will be published in a post-conference proceedings volume by IEEE CS Press


Artificial Intelligence and Applications

Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition

Natural Language Processing and Human-Computer Interaction

Intelligent Control

Bioinformatics and Medical Applications

Information Security

Distributed and Mobile Computing

Computer Architecture and Digital Signal Processing


Artificial Intelligence and Applications

Aquiles José Manuel Mirón Enríquez and Darnes Vilariño Ayala. Design of a Programming Library for the Implementation of GAs and PGAs using MPI

Yvonne Ho, Simon Fong and Yan Zhuang. On Improving GA-based Collaborative Filtering for Online Recommender

Johannes Oetsch, Martina Seidl, Hans Tompits and Stefan Woltran. An Extension of the System ccT for Testing Relativised Uniform Equivalence under Answer-Set Projection

Ahmed Benzerrouk, Brigitte Chebel Morello and noureddine zerhouni. Evolving class for SVM's incremental learning

Yulia Ledeneva, Alexander Gelbukh, René A. García-Hernández, José Fco. Martínez-Trinidad and J. Ariel Carrasco-Ochoa. A New Disagreement Measure for Characterization of Classification Problems

Karinne Ramírez Amaro, Juan Carlos Chimal Eguía and Norma Sánchez Salas. New Learning Technique applied to Time Series Forecasting

Carlos Adolfo Piña-García, Ericka Janet Rechy-Ramírez and Virginia Angélica García-Vega. Using an Alternative Model in a Complex Environment for Nanorobotics Navigation

Aparecido Fabiano Pinatti de Carvalho, Junia Coutinho Anacleto and Silvia Zem-Mascarenhas. Planning Learning Activities Pedagogically Suitable by Using Common Sense Knowledge

Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition

Luis Alberto Morales-Hernandez, Ivan Ramon Terol-Villalobos and Gilberto Herrera-Ruiz. Orientation-Fields Segmentation Based on the Notion of Line-Segment function

Yu Kang, Xiang-guo Yan, Chong-xun Zheng and Chi-yu Zheng. A PC-based Grid for Medical Visualization

Chao Li, Armando Barreto and Malek Adjouadi. Integrated Framework for Expression and Identity Recognition in 3D Faces

Miguel Angel Zúñiga García, Diana Calva and Mario Lehman. Some properties and applications of the moiré effect obtained with dots distributions

Diana Avellaneda, Raul Pinto and Manuel Mejia. Natural Texture Classification: a Neural Network Models  Benchmark

Gualberto Aguilar, Gabriel Sánchez, Karina Toscano, Mariko Nakano, Hector Perez-Meana and Eduardo León. Fingerprint Recognition Using Local Features and Statistical Parameters

Natural Language Processing and Human-Computer Interaction

Jose Antonio Zarate Marceleño, Rodolfo Pazos Rangel and Alexander Gelbukh. Customization of Natural Language Interfaces to Databases: beyond domain portability

Juan Gabriel Pedroza Bernal, Alfonso Prieto Guerrero and John Goddard Close. A Text-Independent Speaker Verification System Using SVM over a Spanish Corpus

Ruben Posada Gomez, J. I. Rivalcoba-Rivas, Giner Alor Hernandez, Albino Martinez-Sibaja and Juan Antonio Quintana Silva. Hand gesture understanding for human-computer interaction

Norma Irene Serna Rodríguez and Luis Gerardo de la Fraga. An Augmented Reality System with Camera Self-calibration

Miguel Alonso Jr., Armando Barreto and Malek Adjouadi. Development and Evaluation of a Custom Display Compensation Method for Computer Users Based on Individual Visual Characteristics

Anaelis Sesin, MELVIN AYALA, Malek Adjouadi, Mercedes Cabrerizo and Armando Barreto. A Zoomable Virtual Keyboard for Eye Gaze Tracking

Amar Ramdane-Cherif. Adaptive Multimodal Architectures

Intelligent Control

Carlos Aguilar-Ibañez and Oscar O. Gutierrez-Frias. Controlled Lagrangian for the stabilization of an inverted pendulum.

Marco Antonio Castro Liera and Francisco Herrera Fernández. Parametric Optimization of a Fuzzy Identification System, Using Distributed Genetic Algorithm with Dynamic Migration Period

Bioinformatics and Medical Applications

Durgaprasad Bollina and Shoba Ranganathan. Systematic splicing pattern analysis using splicing graph approach

Ernesto Bautista-Thompson and Benjamin Tass-Herrera. Analysis of Dimer Similarity Features in Viral Genomes with Growing Hierarchical Self Organized Maps

Mercedes Cabrerizo, Maria Tito, Melvin Ayala, Malek Adjouadi, Armando Barreto and Prasanna Jayakar. An Analysis of Subdural EEG Parameters for Epileptic Seizure Evaluation

Zhicong Huang, Xiaodong Wu, Malek Adjouadi, James Schwade and Mercedes Cabrerizo. Design and Development of a Pathfinder Apparatus in an Image-Guided Radiosurgery System

Information Security

Vladimir Gonzalez-Garcia, Francisco Rodriguez-Henriquez and Nareli Cruz-Cortes. Security Analysis of the Digital Fiscal Documents in the Mexican Tributary Administration System

Pedro A. Hernández Ávalos, Claudia Feregrino, Roger Luis Velazquez and Rene Cumplido. Watermarking based on Iterated Function Systems

Luis Lizama and José Aguilar. Keystroke dynamics applied to authentication of network users

Distributed and Mobile Computing

Jorge Cortes Galicia and Felipe Rolando Menchaca Garcia. LeGESD with a Process Algebra Approach for the Specification of Distributed Systems

Moeiz Miraoui and Chakib Tadj. A Service Oriented Definition of Context for Pervasive Computing

Young-Chul Shim and Ho-Seok Kang. A New Multicast Protocol in Hierarchical Micro-Mobility Environments

Computer Architecture and Digital Signal Processing

Luis Villa, Oscar Camacho Nieto, Moises Zarate and Marco A Ramírez Salinas. Switching-Off Partially The Register File To Reduce Power Using Zero Detection Lookup Table Pointers

Antonio Hernandez, Oscar Camacho, Ildar Batyrshin, Luis Villa and Oswaldo Espinosa Sosa. VLSI Implementation of Basic Fuzzy T-norms

Miguel Morales-Sandoval, Claudia Feregrino, Rene Cumplido and Ignacio Algredo-Badillo. A Run Time Reconfigurable Co-Processor for Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication

Miguel S. Suarez-Castanon, Jehan-Francois Paris and Carlos Aguilar. Protecting Data Against Consecutive Disk Failures in RAID-5

Vladimir Kazakov and José Angel Medina. Sampling Reconstruction Procedure of a Gaussian Nonstationary Process in the presence of Jitter

Alexis Ortiz Olvera, Diana Calva and Mario Lehman. Signals with fractal characteristics and the Shannon-Whittaker Theorem


The papers are provided here for personal use of the attendees of the CIC-2007 conference. Copyright (C) IEEE CS Press.
Note: The data of the papers as indicated in this list might not correspond to the real data in the corresponding PDF file. Some papers accepted for the final proceedings might not be included in this preliminary version.

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